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Flip Sticks For More Scent


If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks, or if you notice that the fragrance intensity is weakening, we suggest you flip the reeds. We recommend that you do this on a regular basis - maybe once a week for the best possible fragrance experience. Be careful not to drip any oil as it can react with some surfaces, do this over a sink or place paper towels down to catch any drops, also wipe the bottle afterward.

Fewer Sticks Mean Less Scent


In small spaces, like bathrooms and toilets use fewer sticks. Most sticks are sold in bundles of 10, for small spaces 4 - 5 sticks are usually enough with larger rooms using all 10 sticks. Just remember the more sticks you use the greater the fragrance and the quicker your diffuser oil will be used up.


How long do reed diffusers work?


Many factors affect the longevity of the reeds - such as heat & humidity, fans, and air conditioners even open windows and doors. In most cases longevity is depended on the quality of the diffuser oil as a guide a 30ml refill bottle should last between 4 - 6 weeks, and a 100ml refill 10 - 14 weeks.

After a period of time, your sense of smell becomes accustomed to the fragrance and may even block it out. If someone new enters your space and is not familiar with the fragrance they will pick it up straight away. To reduce this replace your fragrance more often and vary your choices, perhaps alternating between florals, citrus, and earthy scents.   


When should the sticks be replaced?


As a general guide once the sticks reach a dark golden colour and you can't smell the fragrance anymore then it may be time to replace the sticks. After awhile dust settles on the sticks and the sticks become clogged with oil, blocking the channels the oil is unable to travel up the sticks and disperse into the air.