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  • loving you and your home
    All natural fragrances
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La Volve - Fragrances 


The essence of loving you and your home. 

Surround yourself with fragrances that relax, freshen, and invigorate your home, office, or workspace.


Look! Turn the page and discover a whole new world of magical fragrances. Let us take

you on a journey that will have your senses in overdrive.


Choose the fragrance that best suits your needs from the categories below.


Most fragrances can be categorised into 8 formats, with some traversing more than one category. 


All fragrances used in our products are manufactured in Australia.


None of our products are tested on animals.


 Fragrances used in our products comply with strict REIM & IFRA global standards.


All our fragrances are premium grade none are diluted and are phthalate and nitro musk free.




More About Us

FLORAL:  Floral fragrances are considered to be sweet-smelling and romantic and draw inspiration from all the different sweet smelling flowers like Jasmine, Roses, & Gardenias. Florals are sometimes single note, but generally, combine the scents of various flowers to create a classic feminine appeal.

Fragrances available: - Bay Leaf Lavender, Gardenia, Green Apple & Tuberose,

Sweet Neroli & Basil, Australian Florals & Honey.


CITRUS: Citrus based fragrances have the essence of citrus to offer a tangy feel. They are derived from Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, and Mandarin. They can feature real sharp tangy notes which can also give a naturally refreshing feeling.

Fragrances available: - Sweet Neroli & Basil, Basil Lime Mandarin,Coconut Lime,



FRUITY: Fruity fragrances are immensely popular due to their sweetness. They are lively and energetic and sometimes have a blend of spicy and fruity notes. They include smells like apple, berry, mango, peach, and other juicy fruits or essence of these fruits.

Fragrances available: - Green Apple & Tuberose, Sweet Neroli & Basil, Coconut Lime,


ORIENTAL: Oriental fragrances are a mix of earthy and musky fragrances. Ingredients like amber and musk are often seen in these fragrances.

Fragrances available: - 


GREEN: Generally known to be light and airy such as fresh leaves and newly mown grass. Green fragrances are natural, energetic and in most cases tend to be unisex.

Fragrances available: -


SPICY: These fragrances pack in those kitchen smells like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper etc. Spicy fragrances claim to have their own alluring scents and are very luxurious in an old-fashioned sense.

Fragrances available: - Bay Leaf Lavender,



OCEANIC: These newer fragrances are produced to replicate the smells of mountain air, clean linens, ocean spray etc, they have a crisp and fresh appeal.

Fragrances available: - Sea Salt & Ocean Breeze,



WOODY: A combination of wood and moss is the main theme of these woody fragrances and are most commonly referred to as chypre fragrances. The predominant use of oakmoss, citrus, patchouli, bergamot, as well as sweet earthy aromas helps in creating a very soothing fragrance.

Fragrances available: - Bay Leaf Lavender, Green Apple & Tuberose,



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